Enjoy Your Engagement Season

This year has been our busiest so far, and I have neglected my blogging amongst other fun things...  I finally had a little bit of down time and I caught the end of Carrie Bradshaw finally marrying Big.  A thought occurred to me and so I want to talk about the busyness of planning a wedding to the neglect of your relationship.  Can we learn from Carrie's Big mistake?  (Yes, pun intended...  lol!)

This time is an amazing time for you and your fiance - you only get it once.  Don't rush it, and miss out on the little moments -  this time is too precious.  It's great to spend the weekends with your friends looking at flowers, decorations, dreaming about cakes (especially since you most likely are dieting...  lol!) and of course finding that perfect dress, but don't neglect the relationship.  

All in all, you are marrying the man you have decided you want to walk through the rest of life with -  the person no matter what will be there with you.  Literally to have and to hold.  They will be there for your ups and downs, good and bad times and you will be there for his ups and downs, good and bad times too.  We tend to jump into thinking about just the good times, but remember there is a reason they say the first year of marriage is the hardest. 

Spend time on your relationship and talk - really talk about what you want before you get married.  Discuss not only your ceremony and reception, but what you want from the marriage and what you see for your future.  This way, when the wedding day comes, everyone is relaxed and happy.  You two can enjoy your day because the most important thing that happens that day is you two are going before God, your family and friends declaring you wish to be bound to each other and to always be there for each other as long as you both are on this earth.  It's not just about the dress, the food, the decorations and all of your friends having a huge and expensive party where you are at the center.  It took Carrie and Big a lot of turmoil to see that.  

Remember to talk to your fiance about everything: your hopes, dreams, fears and above all talk with, not at each other.  After all the festivities are over, you want to make sure your marriage is on a great sound foundation.  The best way to do that is during this time of engagement, spend time together and really talk about more than just wedding things.

Hope this helps your planning and of course, your marriage!