The Guest Book Has a Tradition?

 At every wedding it is expected for each couple to have a guest book. This way, everyone who attends signs, and couples will have a reminder of who all came to witness the wedding. Today, many couples have their own type of guest book with a few twists, but do you know where this tradition originally came from? Do you have any ideas of how you might use your guestbook?

On the tradition side, the wedding guest book was once a legal necessity. Historically, everyone who attended a wedding were to actually be witnesses of the union and they had to sign the marriage document. When that was no longer required, the guest book popped up and became a wonderful reminder for the married couple of who attended their wedding. However, if you ever speak to any Mother of the Bride in the south, they would happily tell you that it is also the perfect list for Thank You notes... :-)

Since many couples have used their guest book as a memory book, some have decided on making it a fun remembrance. One very popular twist is having a great picture of the couple with matting around the picture for guests to sign. After the wedding, the couples usually hang this picture in their new living room as a centerpiece for the room.

I had a bride who loved to draw so she drew a tree with some of the branches representing different sections of their respective families and other branches representing friends that they considered family. The couple asked each guest to leave a thumb print as a leaf on the coordinating branches of the tree with their names on that thumb print.

I even had a bride who loved to scrapbook, so they asked each guest to write something on the back of a postcard and I slowly mailed each one to the newleyweds over a few months. That bride made a scrapbook out of all the postcards and other items from the wedding.

One of the ideas my mother had for all the ladies attending my sister's wedding was for each of them to put something personal on a piece of material which she then made into a quilt. Everyone loved doing it and the quilt is now an heirloom for my sister's family.

All of these ideas are a different twist to the guest book tradition and each one inspires the couple through the years as a remembrance of that day. Plus the many guests can still inspire the couple through the years by what they wrote - usually something fun or sentimental.

You know that I'm all about making your wedding extremely personalized to you, so I hope this helps your brain juices flow to come up with a "guest book" idea that fits into your passions and style!