New Bride Advice

Lately I have been contacted by several new brides, and they are just starting out looking at vendors and trying to figure out how to get started in planning their wedding.  When I talk to my new brides, I tell them 3 things are vitally important when they start to plan their weddings and I want to share those 3 things with you too!

1. Set up an email account just for wedding business.  This way you do not get inundated with emails going to your personal account. 

2. Find a domain name for your wedding and purchase it.  I like GoDaddy.com where you can play with different domain names to find one that works for you two and then you own the domain so after the wedding, you two have a personal domain for a future family website.  They also have great prices...  Anyway, purchase the domain that you wish to use for your wedding that your guests can remember.  Then go to Wedding Wire and get a free wedding website set up.  Wedding Wire has the capability where your guests can type in one domain and it will forward the address to your wedding website.  Now, all your guests have one place to see what all is going on with your wedding!

3. Start a Pinterest account!  This is so important especially if you are working with a planner, designer or decorator.  On Pinterest you can pin your ideas and your vendors can see what you see instead of having to verbally describe something.

Once you get these three things taken care of, you are on your way to a great start in organizing your wedding!