Embrace Your Heritage

Don't be afraid to show off who you are!  After all, your past is what helped make you what you are today.  Your wedding is the perfect time to embrace your identity and share family traditions among all of your loved ones. ..

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The Guest Book Has a Tradition?

 At every wedding it is expected for each couple to have a guest book. This way, everyone who attends signs, and couples will have a reminder of who all came to witness the wedding. Today, many couples have their own type of guest book with a few twists, but do you know where this tradition originally came from? Do you have any ideas of how you might use your guestbook?  ..

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Wedding Veil Tradition

Many brides wear a veil over their face for their wedding ceremony, but do you really know much about the wedding veil and why it is worn, or some of its more interesting history?  The wedding veil tradition is actually my favorite of all the traditions - especially if there is a veiling ceremony!

The tradition of the wedding veil is said to have originated when the bride and groom had never seen each other and it was to cover the face of the bride from the groom until after the ceremony is over.  This way, the groom could not cancel the wedding if he did not like the "look" of his bride.  ..

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