Embrace Your Heritage

Don't be afraid to show off who you are!  After all, your past is what helped make you what you are today.  Your wedding is the perfect time to embrace your identity and share family traditions among all of your loved ones. ..

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Why You Need a Timeline

At so many of the weddings I do, the brides inquire why they need to have a timeline. Others really don't want to be chained to a rigid timeline where they can't enjoy and relax. Well I want to dispel the misconceptions of timelines and what they really do for your wedding: they make sure the bride stays in control of their wedding day while making sure each vendor knows what all is going on and when. So sit back, relax, and let me show you what should be in your timeline and how you stay in control.  ..

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Planner or Coordinator - What's the Difference?

One of the topics that arise most often when I talk to brides is the difference between planners. For instance, many venues offer a "wedding planner" in the packages they offer and people will think they are getting a great deal.  They think, "why should I get an outside planner if the venue has one included?"  Then I speak to many former brides, and they tell me how upset they were at their wedding because the venue told them they were getting a planner, but in actuality, they were getting a coordinator. This has become a large pet peeve of mine and I am going to tackle this topic of industry standards for the titles of Planner vs. Coordinator in hopes it will help you understand the verbiage being used in this industry.  ..

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