Enjoy Your Engagement Season

This year has been our busiest so far, and I have neglected my blogging amongst other fun things...  I finally had a little bit of down time and I caught the end of Carrie Bradshaw finally marrying Big.  A thought occurred to me and so I want to talk about the busyness of planning a wedding to the neglect of your relationship.  Can we learn from Carrie's Big mistake?  (Yes, pun intended...  lol!) ..

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New Bride Advice

Lately I have been contacted by several new brides, and they are just starting out looking at vendors and trying to figure out how to get started in planning their wedding.  When I talk to my new brides, I tell them 3 things are vitally important when they start to plan their weddings and I want to share those 3 things with you too! ..

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What Should I Register For?

Every bride at one point has to think about registering for their wedding gifts. With couples getting married at different stages in life, the registration of gifts have changed substantially to cover all stages of life and needs. Young couples are starting out with not much more than the items they had from college and they really do need to register for things. Couples that have lived on their own for several years, have already collected so many items for their houses, that when they combine both houses, they have more than they really need. Since registration of gifts are different for each couple, I will work on discussing registration for any situation. But one way to make sure your guests know what you need is to PUT IT ON YOUR WEDDING WEBSITE under registration. ..

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