Planner vs Designer

I have been asked several times lately the difference between a planner and designer.  I hope this helps explain the two a bit better. ..

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Enjoy Your Engagement Season

This year has been our busiest so far, and I have neglected my blogging amongst other fun things...  I finally had a little bit of down time and I caught the end of Carrie Bradshaw finally marrying Big.  A thought occurred to me and so I want to talk about the busyness of planning a wedding to the neglect of your relationship.  Can we learn from Carrie's Big mistake?  (Yes, pun intended...  lol!) ..

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Wrap It Up

Love that strapless dress, but think it might be a little too bare?  Wraps are a great way to give you some extra coverage - whether for religious reasons or just to keep the chill away.  Plus, it's a great way to add some extra style!  From going with something simple like a pashmina to having a dressmaker custom create a design, the choices are limitless.  And for a customized look without the customized price tag, don't forget to visit www.etsy.com for some truly unique and inexpensive, one-of-a-kind artisan wraps. ..

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